LibertyControl 1.2.1

Control your PC from your Palm PDA

Imagine having the liberty to remotely control your laptop or desktop with your Palm PDA or SmartPhone. This is exactly the power that LibertyControl gives you, allowing you total control of your desktop using bluetooth technology. While LibertyControl gives you a world of opportunity to control anything such as your media player or web browser, version 1.0 focuses on controlling PowerPoint presentations. With LibertyControl 1.0, you can now give outstanding presentations with confidence by turning your mobile device into your presentation remote control.

Control PowerPoint Presentations

Whether you use PowerPoint, Macromedia Flash or any presentation software, LibertyControl gives you total remote control over your presentation along with specially designed features that help you give your best presentation. Some of these features include:

View Slide Notes

Create notes for every slide and have them display on the mobile device as you give your presentation.

Time Notification and Alert

You can set a time limit per slide and be alerted when time is up. This way, you stay on time for your presentation.

Switch Between Presentation and Demo Apps

You can switch between your presentation and any applications you are demonstrating with your presentation.

Control desktop applications

With LibertyControl, you can do more:

  • Remotely control Windows Media Player

  • Remotely control Internet Explorer

  • Control your desktop and any application

Use your Palm PDA as a remote control for various Windows applications.



LibertyControl 1.2.1